About us

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Have you ever had the frustration of trying to find 4wd, camping and caravan products on the shelf that are Australian made? Well, you're not alone.

So why is it so hard? Well, truth be told there are many reasons why Aussie manufacturers find it nearly impossible to compete for shelf space. After months of research, I found that the only way that small Australian manufactures can compete with cheap and dubious Chinese imports is by selling directly to the customer or by sending their product overseas to be made. The latter option is a very big problem for Australia's economy as it takes jobs away from you and me and that directly results in less money circulating our beautiful country.

I Jaidyn Battista put this website together showcasing Australian manufacturers for travelers and adventures alike that wish to support the Australian economy.

Click on the individual website links found in the product description and use the code "aus made" on check out to receive your exclusive Australian Manufactures Direct discount.